Complete liquid starter fertilizer Kits and Placement Tubes

L&D Ag provides everything you need, on 1-2 pallets. We provide complete custom kits with pump options that include:  piston pumps with contact tire drives, electric pumps with consoles, or Hypro hydraulic centrifugal pumps for sectional control of fertilizer applications (shut off as few as four rows per section to minimize overlap). Sectional control kits can be controlled by Raven consoles, Ag Leader displays, and John Deere rate controllers (among others). With these different pump options, you as the grower can decide how your fertilizer is applied. When you buy from L&D Ag, rest assured you will receive everything you need to complete your fertilizer system, down to the last zip tie.

*Now Available:

  • Complete kits for all Case IH 2150 series planters

    • 300 Gallon Tank and Mounts for 12 row models

    • 500 Gallon Tank and Mounts for 16 and 24 row models

    • ISO Section Control Delivery Systems with Hydraulic Centrifugal Pumps

    • In Furrow and Off Row Placement Tubes (See Pictures Below)

  • White 9824 500 Gallon Tank Kits

  • White 9000 Series In Furrow Placement Tubes (See Pictures Below)

                                                                           -Call L&D Ag today for more details - 507-845-2100

Each L&D fertilizer kit consists of these key components:

  • Tank & Mounting Hardware

  • Quick Fill Plumbing Kit

  • Pump, Mount, & Drive

  • Wilger (Redball) Manifold Plumbing Kit

  • SS Fertilizer Placement Tube

Components needed for Section Control:

  • Hypro Hydraulically Driven Centrifugal Pump

  • Hydraulic Hose Kit

  • Raven Flow Meter and Control Valve

  • Banjo On/Off Valves with Mounting Hardware

  • Sectionalized Wilger Columns

  • Wiring Harness

  • In-Tank Agitation

Single Tank Kit includes: tank & saddle with strap kits, two mounting brackets, u-bolts & bolt pack, and 3/4" vent/overflow hose installed in tank lid. Dual Tank Kit includes: two tanks & two saddles with strap kits, four mounting brackets, u-bolts & bolt pack, and two 3/4" vent/overflow hoses installed into each tank lid. Tank Plumbing Kit includes: quick fill valve with mounting bracket, quick fill tee, tank valve, primer assembly with strainer, 1 1/2" pump inlet fitting, 2" fill hose, 1 1/2" pump feed hose, and necessary hose clamps & zip ties. Pump, Mount & Drive includes: Demco or John Blue piston pump, contact tire drive with pump mount (model specific), drive sprockets, roller chain with tensioner, and pump drives are available for most planters. Wilger (Redball) Plumbing Kit includes: Wilger flow columns, white backing plate, mounting stand, anti-drip assembly with orifice or Spray Target VeriFlow variable rate nozzle bodies, pump outlet fitting and high pressure hose, 1/4" OD plastic line or 3/8" ID EVA hose, and necessary hose clamps/zip ties. 

NOW AVAILABLE: CDS-John Blue Electronic Liquid Blockage Monitoring System. This system electronically warns of complete and partial manifold blockages. Contact us now for details!
— Shane Drenth - (507)-845-2100

Fertilizer Placement Tubes

  • Case IH 800 Series

  • Case IH 900 Series

  • Case IH 1200 Series

  • Kinze 2000 Series

  • Kinze 3000 Series

  • Kinze 4000 Series

  • John Deere 1700 5 series ExactEmerge (Patent Pending)

  • John Deere 1700 5 Series Row Unit (Patent Pending)

  • John Deere 1700 Series with XP Row Unit (Patent Pending)

  • John Deere 1700 Max Emerge Row Unit

  • John Deere 7200-7300 Series Row Unit

  • John Deere 7000-7100 Series Row Unit

  • White (call for options)

  • Back & Besides for 28% Application

  • Banding/Spray Kits for Most Planters

IH 2100 Series In Furrow Tube

IH 2100 Series Rear Dribble Tube

Case IH 1200 Series stainless steel tube holder (In Furrow)

Kinze 3000 Series stainless steel tube holder (In Furrow)

John Deere ExactEmerge stainless steel tube holder (In Furrow)

John Deere MaxEmerge 5 stainless steel tube holder (In Furrow)

Case IH 1200 Series stainless steel rear placement tube holder (2" off the seed trench)

John Deere 1700 Series stainless steel rear placement tube holder (2" off the seed trench)

John Deere Pro XP Banding Kit

White 9000 Series In Furrow Tube

White 8000 Series rear dribble tube holder (2" off seed trench)

Spray Target VeriFlow Nozzle Bodies

Hi-VeriFlow 1 Nozzle Body

Custom Planter Fertilizer Devices

L&D can help customize the right equipment/system for your needs. We provide products, service and support for all the major brands in farming (as shown above) and many others (including White & Kinze). We encourage you to contact us for more information on items, brands, manufacturers and products you may not see on this site... chances are, we can help you.