Ag Equipment

The design leaders at L&D Ag have a keen understanding of your on-the-farm needs. From monitors, to carts,  to tanks and all the equipment in-between... we've got you covered! 

New Product!

LanD Skid

Simply back under the Land Skid, lock the 5th wheel plate on the Skid king pin, attach front and rear Skid mount plates to tractor utilizing supplied pinch plates.

Tile Plows and Carts


Thunder Creek Fuel Trailers

Tractor Mounted Tanks

Seed Tenders


Bulk Storage + Transport Tanks

Nurse Trailers

200 Gallon D.O.T. Sprayer

L&D Ag has recently designed a new sprayer for the MN DOT for spraying road ditches. This sprayer can be loaded into the back of a pickup or hooked up to a tractor's 3-pt hitch. The sprayer includes a gas powered centrifugal pump along with the capability of direct injecting up to three chemicals. Also included is a separate spray wand for limited access areas.

Grain Carts

Applicators and Dry Spreaders