Ag Equipment

The design leaders at L&D Ag have a keen understanding of your on-the-farm needs. From monitors, to carts,  to tanks and all the equipment in-between... we've got you covered! 

NEW Product!

200 Gallon D.O.T. Sprayer

L&D Ag has recently designed a new sprayer for the MN DOT for spraying road ditches. This sprayer can be loaded into the back of a pickup or hooked up to a tractor's 3-pt hitch. The sprayer includes a gas powered centrifugal pump along with the capability of direct injecting up to three chemicals. Also included is a separate spray wand for limited access areas.

Tile Plows and Carts


Thunder Creek Fuel Trailers

Tractor Mounted Tanks

Seed Tenders


Bulk Storage + Transport Tanks

Nurse Trailers

Grain Carts

LanD Skid Flatbed

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